Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NFCT Dynanmic Logo

Made by me and Guy Garibian in 2011, as a part of After Effects course in Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.
The teacher was Moshe Zilbernagel.
This was for a competition between all members of the class and
It was very close to be chosen as the official NFCT (New Foundation for Cinema and Television in Israel)
We won second place.
Software: Adobe After Effects, Boujo, AutoDesk Maya.

Friday, June 22, 2012

SteamPunk Alice

This is actually a lil' old, It was made for a design competition by Israeli Animation College>
 (it won 6th place.. so close to be in the chart)
I wish I could participate in this year's competition but with the Final Project deadline coming up, it's not gonna happen.

I made this short during my 3rd year of animation studies at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.
It is about a night guard who is sick of everything and want to break free.
I was inspired by my own job in security and the rooms in my school.
Hope you like.

Software: Autodesk Maya, After Effects